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week 40, 2020

Grains for sjamaan shaman Schamane


These listing are for:

  • For 90 pieces grains
  • High Level unique Shaman Elixirs grains

Finally for sale our Shaman products

It took some time to create them but based on the right choice of the moment and all the basic stuff we made our Shaman Elixers energy grains

We now able to offer you a complete line of shaman grains made by traditional methods with the wishes and needs of the shaman in mind


What are Shaman Magic grains?

Shaman Magic grains These grains are made with the power of nature

What do they do exactly?

These grains can be used for your needs See attached list of descriptions which the grains work in which need and on which level These grains are supportive and not curative The grains are made for mental and spiritual issues


Use 1 grains a day Can be also solved in a little water or soft drink


Shaman Magic grains are not covered by insurance and are no drug Shaman Magic grains have no side effects Shaman Magic grains are supportive and are not addictive Shaman Magic grains can be used in combination with other forms of treatment and medication For any questions you can always email

Order here 90 grains 25.00 euro

Creates an overview on your life

product SJ1 - :Zegel overview of life shaman pills grains


Creates an overview on your life

From the top of a stone you can get an overview on your life and thoughts
Is there any extra thought needed, in what stage are you, this is a light form
of meditation in a very friendly way.
Based on animal and earth energy this shaman magic gives you the perfect overview of what you need in here and now

Product SJ1 - :Zegel shaman pills grains

Deutsch: von der Spitze des einen Stein können Sie einen Überblick über Ihre Schamanen Leben und Gedanken zu bekommen Gibt es eine zusätzliche Gedanken benötigt, in welchem ??Stadium sind Sie, das ist eine leichte Form der Meditation in einer sehr freundlichen Art und Weise. Basierend auf Tier-und Erdenergie diese Schamanen Magie gibt Ihnen den perfekten Überblick, was Sie brauchen

Order here 90 grains 25.00 euro

Product SJ2 - : Amewas shaman pills grains


Find what you have lost or what you are looking for

In the deep purple colors you always will find a surprise Based on dark purple color and mixed with clear bubbles and water, you can use this shaman magic to find what you have lost or what you are looking for This shaman magic is not made for an overview, but based on a help on searching for something you lost or what you are looking for

Product SJ2 - : Amewas shaman pills shaman pills grains

In den tiefen lila Farben immer eine Überraschung finden Sie Basierend auf dunkel-lila Farbe und mit klaren Blasen und Wasser gemischt, Sie können diesen Schamanen Magie zu finden, was Sie verloren haben oder was Sie suchen Dieser Schamane Magie ist nicht für einen Überblick auf der Suche nach etwas gemacht, aber auf der Basis einer Hilfe Sie verloren haben oder was Sie suchen

Order here 90 grains 25.000 euro